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False Wall Construction 1

Is used in a situation where there is no way to conceal the TV or any of the components for the needs of the room it is to placed in. This would be the best way to conceal any TV and equipment inside the wall without manipulating the wall of your home. All that is required for this installation is, the sacrifice of 8" to 11" of the original wall of the home depending upon the customers desires.

False Wall Construction 2

Is used in the situation where room permits (if there is room inside the area setup is supposed to take place), where the customer would like to add or take away from the design as desires. This would allow for a cavity to placed behind the false wall. The purpose of the cavity to have a different assortment of equipment and/or material to the space to be placed.

Power Solutions

The purpose of this solution is to assure that no damage will come to the equipment that is being utilized at any given point. It is to keep any piece of equipment operating, even in the event of Power outages, brown outs, and power surges. If a power outage occurs, the equipment would continue to function until the power from batteries were to drain to their lowest points.

***Some battery back-ups have the capability to have their battery power to be extended at the request of the customer***

Video Distribution

This installation comes in handy for any customer who would like to send the same video signal to any room of the residence. it comes in handy for when the same signal can be shown throughout the residence with the sacrifice of the video signal being delayed or compromised.

***Very useful for those who would like to view video surveillance in multiple rooms without having to return to video surveillance system setup in another location of the residence. Or for those who started a show in one room but have work to in other areas of the residence, why stop the show, just move to next room and continue your watching complete with audio (for some systems) ***

Audio Distribution

The solution is for the customer who just wants to hear music throughout the residence without trying to stay close to the source of the music. You will be able to have every room in the residence able to have audio to any location. For all installations a volume control can be added to the system to turn the sound down for background sound or to turn up the sound for entertainment purposes.

Remote Location of Equipment

This is perfect for the customer who only wants to see limited equipment in the desired locations. The main equipment would be placed in a location specified by the customer, all equipment would be placed in this location, hidden away from any guest or would be prowlers of the residence.

***The location of this equipment is recommended to be in a location having plenty cooling capabilities, this to ensure that the equipment does not become damaged from excess of heat. If the location is not of adequate cooling; we could make sure that it is, so that it would be. ***

Small Form PC Integration

In the age of smart TVs, that try to match the power of the home PC, but still do not compare to the most complicated task that life demands. We offer a simple solution for all the of any customers demands. This achieved by providing the customer with this solution of a small computer that is installed to the TV that it is used in any room of the residence. No worry about a mouse, keyboard, or even hard drive needed to complete any work, it is made to accommodate all of the needs of any customer. If a small computer would be too much, a media player could takes it place, easy to operate and control.

***Depending on what is needed, the installation can be fitted to any customers needs, your imagination is your only limitation***

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