10 Reasons Why Home Theater is Better than Movie Theaters

10. Bass is Punchier

If you’ve done your Home Theater right, bass can be a lot more “in-your-chest” than it is at the local cineplex. This is because you have a lot less room to fill, and you can direct your efforts in bass production to fill the smaller room. When factoring in home theater sub-woofers, a couple small or medium-sized subs will often deliver the bone-crunching bass you may never experience in a movie theater. If you don’t currently have this in your home theater, you may need to upgrade your sub to something with a larger driver (12″ or more) and additional output. (No one with a cube-based system will experience that type of bass—it’s not possible from a bass module that only has a 6″ or smaller driver.) A true sub-woofer can hit you in the chest with bass that leaves you feeling like you really are on the battlefield, or experiencing an earthquake, or being attacked by an alien monster. You get the idea.

9. You can Optimize the Sound for Fewer Seats

One of the chief reasons home theater is better than movie theaters is that you can worry about less seats than the typical movie theater. There are more seats in a movie theater, but at home you can concentrate on getting good sound to the few seats you have in your room. At home you can always have the best seat in the house—and you can make sure your guests have excellent seats as well…and footrests.

8. Frequency Matters

Not talking about frequency range here, but rather the number of movies you can watch and the number of times you can use your theater. Given the prices of today’s movies, a trip to the theater is going to be fairly infrequent (either that, or you’re made of money). Your home theater, on the other hand, can be used several times a week to enjoy the movies and TV shows you like the watch. And with the production value being put into new television shows (particularly those produced by Hollywood stars like J.J. Abrams, Joss Wedon, Jerry Bruckheimer, and others) you’re going to want an incredibly robust sound system to get the most you can out of all that action and drama.

7. Adding up the Costs (or Homemade Popcorn is Cheap)

A typical first-run movie costs $12 today, depending upon where you live. It costs us $24 on a date night and $48 + snacks on a family movie outing. Because of the high cost, aside from the occasional blockbuster epic, we operate on the principle of “delayed gratification”. If you wait 4 months (sometimes less), you can enjoy that first-run film for under $7…for the whole family. Wait a tiny bit longer and it will be out on Blu-ray for a $1.50 rental at RedBox or Streaming Services. You can amortize a $2500 home theater in just 50-60 trips to the movies. Some people see that many films in 3-4 years.

6. Press “Pause” for Bathroom Breaks

Ever have to go to the bathroom in the middle of an intense action sequence? We all have—and it’s an amazingly painful experience (in more ways than one). With a home theater you can hold it in if you really want to but hitting ‘Pause’ on the remote is a viable option as well and nobody misses a thing. With four or More watching, this can happen at least once per movie.

5. Quiet on the Set!

In a home theater you can control the noise, so to speak. That scary-looking stranger doesn’t have to listen to you when you tell him to “shush it!” but at home you can just send your kids to bed. When you pay $12 to see a movie, it’s nothing short of astounding how many people would rather hear themselves talk, or act like the people on the silver screen can hear them (and, apparently, even care what they think!)

4. Your Home Theater Likely has Better, More Comfy, Seats

Movie theaters are getting better with their seating, but the truly comfy seats are reserved for premium DBox tickets, which are so outrageous as to be novel. (If movie theaters really want our money, why aren’t those seats standard?) The normal movie theater seat may “spring-recline” but it’s a far cry from a true home theater recliner. Home theater seating can be expensive, but you can also find some real bargains out there that will completely outperform anything you find in today’s rank and file movie theaters…and without the fear of catching some “hairborne” disease from the 10,000 people who sat in your seat before you did. Think about it…

3. Go Ahead, Eat in Front of the TV!

The “Fork and Spoon” concept but paying $10 for nachos or a burger isn’t my idea of fine dining. Eating in front of a TV has been around for decades but eating in front of the home theater while watching a blockbuster movie is an incredibly satisfying experience that should not be missed. Popcorn and candy costs are a lot cheaper as well and add up to a lot of savings if snacking is a regular occurrence at the local cinema.

2. Your Feet Don’t Stick to the Floor of Your Home Theater

Having your own home theater means never having to feel like you’re placing your body in a place that’s never truly been cleaned by anyone over the age of 19 and earning more than minimum wage. If you’re into clean environments, this is a huge reason why home theater is better than movie theaters.

1. Quality Control—The Biggest Reason Why Home Theater is Better than Movie Theaters

New movie theaters are better than older movie theaters for the most part. They seem to be more up-to-date in terms of equipment, and the attention to detail is still intact. Many theaters, however, simply don’t have much motivation to continue to calibrate and keep their systems operating at peak efficiency. In short, they allow their theaters to go to pot. With a home theater you can keep your audio and video system properly calibrated and running at peak capacity.

 By Author: Clint DeBoer

Edited By: KrownS HC